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Non Surgical Cosmetic Procedures Reno NVWe’ll admit it; we love looking good! We have a hunch you do, too. A wonderful aspect of looking good is that we all have our perception of what that means. Most of the time, it takes very little for any given person to improve their general appearance. Often, we find that a subtle change to a certain part of the face or body can make an enormous impact on a person’s sense of confidence. Here, we want to point out just a few of the treatments that can quickly transform your appearance.

Lip Augmentation

Your smile goes with you wherever you go, and then some. When we think about our smile or mouth, what we often focus on is how bright the smile is. Teeth whitening treatments are excellent for achieving a radiant smile. But there’s more. Lips that are fuller look friendlier. They are more appealing than the straight-line, thin and tight lips that some people have. Fortunately, you needn’t have been bestowed upon by Mother Nature to have a fuller, more appealing mouth. Dermal fillers are perfect for temporary lip augmentation and safe enough for repeat use as the product is naturally metabolized over time.

Liquid Facelift

Men and women concerned about the advancing signs of aging used to have only one choice for correction, facelift surgery. Today, we correct individual concerns such as sagging brows or a loose jawline with unique, non-surgical solutions. The Liquid Facelift is a comprehensive protocol that incorporates proven injectables like BOTOX® and dermal fillers to plump hollows at the temples or the lower cheeks. This treatment achieves immediate improvements and also progressive results that appear as muscles of the upper face relax. Ultimately, the Liquid Facelift can take years off the face. Even more important, this treatment can recreate the friendly facial aesthetic that existed years prior.

Nose Reshaping

To change the nose is to change the entire face; it’s that simple. The nose is a central feature that correlates with all others on the face, including the chin, the mouth, and the eyes. The presence of a bump or hump on the bridge, or of a wide or bulbous tip, affects how all other facial features play together. Refinement may occur with injectables, in some cases, and with rhinoplasty, in others. A consultation visit will help us determine the wisest approach.

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