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Oh No! What Happened to My Neck!

istock 640307210 1 Aging brings with it many, many changes. On the cosmetic front alone, we know that we will develop more lines and wrinkles as we get older. We know that our skin may sag and our eyes may look tired. We aren’t necessarily surprised when we start to see jowls or a downturned mouth. What often comes as a surprise, though, is the aging neck. Here, we discuss why the skin on the neck ages and what you can do to address this concern. 

Factors that Age the Neck

You may have already guessed that the skin on the neck gets thin, loose, and wrinkled for the same reasons the skin on the face does. What’s interesting is that the neck has fewer oil glands than other parts of the body. The skin here is therefore even more susceptible to aging and sun damage than the face. And yet, most people do not apply sunscreen and moisturizer to this part of the body as frequently as they should. This is reason number one why the neck may age relatively quickly. Another factor, one that is unexpected, has more to do with our modern times than anything else. 

Is our Love of Electronics to Blame for Neck Aging?

It hasn’t been very long that we’ve become addicted to technology like smartphones and tablets; a couple of decades, if that. Last year, as a result of the novel coronavirus, we experienced two notable shifts. One was that millions of people started working at home. The home office may be equipped with a laptop rather than a desktop computer so, during office hours and Zoom calls, workers are looking down. Another shift is that screen time, largely on smartphones, for the average American, increased up to 185%. When we are looking down at any screen, the weight of the head tilts onto the neck, including the platysma muscles that run up the sides of the neck and the delicate skin at the throat. The term “tech neck” was born of our technology use and the noticeable changes in the shape of the lower face and neck area.  

Managing Aging Neck Skin

Can we prevent neck aging by reducing screen time? Not necessarily because other factors are still involved. Some of the ways that aging neck skin can be addressed include wearing sunscreen every day, not only on the neck but also the chest. At night before bed, a rich neck cream or even a silicone sheet can be applied to increase moisture and tissue renewal. For some, though, it takes more. In our Reno office, patients interested in neck rejuvenation may consider surgical and nonsurgical options. These include:

  • CoolSculpting or Kybella to reduce submental fullness.
  • ThermiTight skin tightening using radiofrequency energy.
  • RefreshLift™ modified facelift treatment performed in the office.
  • Outpatient facelift surgery for more dramatic correction.

The condition of the neck is just as crucial to appearance as the condition of facial skin and tissue. To address the signs of aging on your neck or face, contact our Reno office for your consultation. Send us a message or call (775) 826-4477.

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