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Plastic Surgery is on the Rise. Here’s Why!

Around this time of year, the number of laser and plastic surgery procedures has historically risen to some degree. There are several reasons this has been the trend. After the summer, people are back from vacation. The kids are back in school, and there is some time before the holidays. This year, as you can imagine, things are much different than they’ve ever been. Still, we are seeing as many patients as ever. Here, we discuss some of the reasons why now is a great time for plastic surgery.

What Plastic Surgery Recovery Involves

Plastic surgery is less invasive than most other types of surgery because the tissues that are targeted are superficial. No organs are touched and there is less overall tissue involvement. Still, patients can typically expect to need about 2 weeks to recover from the basic side effects of a procedure. The side effects of plastic surgery include soreness or tenderness, bruising, swelling, and redness where incisions are made. Staying in and slowing down is the name of the game.

How COVID-19 Has Made Surgical Recovery Easier

The world has been shut down for a longer period than we may have expected. While working from home, more people are seeing themselves more often than they would during a normal day at the office. We can thank Zoom meetings for this. But, really, we can! Seeing your reflection frequently should be something to smile about, not something to try and avoid. Having plastic surgery now can serve you in many ways, including:

  1. Working from home is a great setup for surgical recovery. Just because you’re working from home does not mean you won’t need some time off after plastic surgery. You’ll still want to devote at least a few days to complete rest. If you’re taking prescription pain medication, you may be groggy and unable to show up as your best self on those virtual meetings. However, once your energy begins to come back, you can more easily perform your duties as you have been for the past several months.
  2. Masks may hide certain surgical side effects. The fact that most people are wearing masks when they go outside can enable you to do the same once you’re feeling up to it after a procedure like a facelift. Your mask is a great disguise for residual swelling and bruising in the mid and lower face, and is a distraction from red, healing incisions near the ears.
  3. Conceal and Reveal. Work from home situations, masks, social distancing, and generally fewer people out and about on a regular basis all equate to one thing for you after you have plastic surgery, a Big Reveal. What better way to come out on the other side of the COVID-19 era than looking more refreshed and vibrant than ever!

The world may be much less social today than it was at the beginning of the year, but that will change. Until it does and long after, people still want to feel good about themselves. If you now have the time to consider the cosmetic improvements you’ve been interested in, we’d love to meet with you. Contact our Reno office at (775) 826-4477 to schedule your consultation.

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