Rejuvenating the Jawline

Nefertiti, Queen of ancient Egypt, was depicted more than any other Royal of her time. The bust of Nefertiti is one of the most famous in the world, primarily because her beauty is breathtaking. With a sharp jawline and defined gonial angle at the lower jaw in front of the ear, the Queen has long been a hallmark of beauty; not just for women, but for men, as well.

As we all know, the jawline is one of the parts of the face that shows the signs of age. As tissue loosens in the mid and low face, the jaw loses its angles; it sags into jowls that diminish the youthfulness of the face. While Nefertiti has been revered as a guide to all-things-beautiful, a skilled plastic surgeon knows that jawline rejuvenation must differ somewhat for men and women. Some of the fundamental differences that have been identified in scientific studies include:

The Male Jawline

  • Is wide and sharp, with a projected chin
  • Demonstrates significant mandible (lower jaw) height
  • Slopes more acutely at the gonial angle, at approximately 115 degrees
  • Is broad at the rami of mandible, the contoured area just in front of the ear

The Female Jawline

  • Greater pointing at the chin but less projection
  • Shorter mandible height
  • Slopes less at the gonial angle, approximately 135 degrees
  • The rami of mandible in front of the ear is more V-shaped

How Aging Affects the Jawline

  • Bone loss decreases the vertical height of the mandible (lower jaw)
  • The gonial angle gradually softens, rounding the jawline
  • Widening of the female chin
  • Narrowing of the male chin

As these changes occur, what we see is a forward and downward shift in soft tissue. Jowls become more prominent and a double-chin may develop or worsen.

Rejuvenation is Possible

An experienced surgeon is aware of the change that occurs beneath the surface of the skin. Age-related bone loss can be corrected with a surgical face and neck lift. In some cases, significant improvement can be attained with dermal fillers or other nonsurgical treatments that provoke collagen production. Dermal fillers are commonly used along the jawline and gonial area to restore angles and camouflage jowls. Chin projection may also be improved with fillers.

Jawline rejuvenation can take less than thirty minutes using dermal fillers. Face and neck lift surgery is more comprehensive and does require downtime for recovery. However, the results obtained with surgical rejuvenation are permanent.

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